Risvegliami (mirja) wrote,



march 30-april 3 in Barcelona staying at Bibian Blue's house. Eating tapas, shoot, more tapas, shopping. Skipping a night, Xander from the plane direct to work, me studying for an exam the next day.

april 8-april 10 in Essen, Fetish Evolution! Expo, Indian dinner with a bunch of fetishists, lots of fun with Hazmat, immediately liked her. Nuit Bizarre party on sunday(nice seeing people but boring), had a shoot planned with maximsphotos but canceled due to shitty rehearsal schedule with the shows before us running late(dammit dammit, I really wanted to work with him), small shoot with jwilkins in the outfit for the show of AMF Korsets, afterwards eating mongolian bbq with jwilkins and punkythecat. They are both very sweet people. The AMF show was last so tension rising. Brigittes show was before us with kim_luna and _prinzessin in it. The catwalk was a bit slippery but the pulling went great. Louis asked Crudelia to do our make up. My make up was ehh strange but suited the theme (flesh) well. Skipping a night, Xander directy goes to work, I decide to get into bed and take a nap.

april 11 Xander leaves for Beijing.
april 13 I leave for my long weekend in a cabin with friends. We had such great weather! 28 degrees is very strange but nice in april! Wearing a bikini and sunbathing and drinking rosé...
april 16 Back from the cabin!


April 19 Xander coming home, we manage to have the time to go to Wasteland(april 21) before he leaves again for Tunesia (april 23). Aaaaahh!
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